I love you, San Francisco

"There may not be a heaven, but there is a San Francisco." (Dorsey Shaw)

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I want to say Thanks SO MUCH!

I visited SF last december and all San Franciscans I met were very kind.
Thank you very much. Kisses from Rio, Brazil.

- submitted by Derek

Thanks for visiting! I’m glad you enjoyed your time here.  =)

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Best Batkid Ever…

This is what happens when people come together.

Don’t let the bad news beat you down… There’s good news all around us too.

Just a friendly reminder of a great day in San Francisco.

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epicmeatwad asked: I miss San Francisco so much :( I used to live in Petaluma and go to the city every weekend, it truly is a special place. :)

I absolutely agree. <3  Hopefully you’ll be able to visit some time soon!