I love you, San Francisco

"There may not be a heaven, but there is a San Francisco." (Dorsey Shaw)

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[To everyone who’s messaged me in the past week or so: Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet - I will as soon as I can! I’ve just been feeling under the weather. Thanks for understanding.]

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm moving to SF for school and I've been trying to find a room to rent that isn't too expensive but I haven't found any. Do you know any places near SFSU? Or do you know where I can look for rooms besides Craigslist? Thank you!

If you want a cheaper apartment, you might want to look at Westlake Village Apartments in Daly City. The rent is generally much lower there compared to apartments in San Francisco, and it’s only ten minutes away from campus.

Otherwise, you could try looking for some sort of SFSU housing/apartment-hunting page on Facebook.

Sorry I’m not much help in this area. Good luck!

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Anonymous asked: My family is coming up next week! What's the weather been like? We've been before and done the big stuff like Lombard, golden gate, But what would you suggest that most people don't do but should?

Hello! The weather’s been around 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day (probably no lower than 55 degrees at night) and hasn’t really been raining.

For some not-so-touristy things to do:

  • Eat a lot! There’s so much good food in the city. Some random places I love are: Ebisu (Japanese), Nopalito (Mexican), Sunflower (Vietnamese), Ike’s (sandwiches), Lefty O’Doul’s (restaurant/sports bar), and Great Eastern Restaurant (dim sum).
  • Walk around and enjoy the sights/sounds/smells of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market (only open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings).
  • Marvel at the Palace of Fine Arts.
  • Take a stroll in Golden Gate Park and explore the Japanese Tea Garden.
  • Have a picnic at Alamo Square.
  • Watch a SF Giants ballgame at AT&T Park (night games are more fun, in my opinion).
  • Have a picnic at Baker Beach (not in the nudist part, though… unless you’re into that sort of thing).
  • Enjoy the view at Twin Peaks (I don’t think it’s a “basic tourist” thing to do).

Have fun!  =)

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doctowhoo-deactivated20140724 asked: me and my mom are going into San Francisco for a day and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for hole in the wall clothing/thrift/music shops? Any suggestions are helpful thanks a ton!

Hi! I don’t know if these fit your idea of “hole-in-the-wall” (and I’m sorry if they don’t), but…

Clothing: Cary Lane (Mission), Paragraph (Inner Sunset), Painted Bird (Mission)
Music: Recycled Records (Haight), Thrillhouse Records (Mission), Amoeba (I know it doesn’t really count)
Thrift: Out of the Closet (SoMa), 31 Rax (Mission), Wasteland (Haight)

Have fun exploring and shopping in the city!