I love you, San Francisco

"There may not be a heaven, but there is a San Francisco." (Dorsey Shaw)

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anti-socialperson asked: Hey! I'm planing on moving to SF once I graduate collage and study their. It's slightly overwhelming, with the multiple neighborhoods and everything, and the cost of living. I was wondering if you know any links to break down the neighborhoods and do you have tips on a collage budget in SF? Thank you! Btw, I love you blog

Hi! Thanks very much for the blog love.

Here is a useful website about the major San Francisco neighborhoods.

Living on a college budget in San Francisco is not as hard as it would seem, as long as you have self-control.

  • I strongly suggest sharing an apartment (rent is ridiculously high) with at least one other person.
  • As tempting and delicious as food in San Francisco is, you’re going to have to stick to typical college student staples (i.e. ramen, frozen foods, cook your own food).
  • If you think you can handle part-time work while going to school (it’s a lot harder than you may think), there are a lot of retail gigs you can get in the city.

Best of luck! Have a great day.

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Anonymous asked: How bad was the earthquake that recently happened there? Does it scare you that major earthquakes happen there in SF ? I live in socal and we haven't gotten anything that big.... Yet.

Sorry for the super late response. It registered as a 6.05 in Napa, but it felt more like a 3.5 or 4 in San Francisco. In fact, many of my friends and co-workers in the city barely felt it.

The most recent earthquake was the worst one I’ve ever experienced, but it still wasn’t bad (and I’m not a very brave person). Honestly, I think it’s just something we get used to around here. The buildings in and around the city are built to earthquake code and nearly everyone here has gone through earthquake drills, so it really isn’t scary. Hopefully a really, really big one doesn’t hit us (or you) any time soon.

Thanks for checking up on us, though.  =)

[Edit: I will add, though, that it did some serious damage in Napa. Many businesses suffered big losses in inventory and some people lost their homes. The people who were lucky enough not to have completely lost their homes were still greatly affected in some way (i.e. they got hurt, their cars were squashed by overhangs, lost important possessions, etc.).